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“I carry a lot of tension in my back, so I’m all about long soaks in a hot bath, preferably with something that smells good and is not harsh to my skin. This mineral sea salt soak is just perfect. It softens the water, softens my skin, and the lavender scent is that true lavender fragrance that just makes everything in life better. As other reviewers have mentioned, the directions say to add a cup of salts, but I use a third of that and it works just fine. (But then, I have a small tub, so maybe that’s the difference.) If you’re a fan of lavender, I would highly recommend giving this product a try.”
“I have to say that I do not normally use bath salts, but I was very impressed with this product. The smell was so heavenly that I left the jar open on my counter for a few days. The bathroom smelled wonderful! The smell alone is very relaxing. I used a little less than what the product called for and had great results. I thought that the crystals could have been a little smaller as this size took a while to dissolve. Other than that, I was very pleased with the product.”
“I’m one who loves baths, especially after a stressful day. Although, I’ve never used bath salts before, I was impressed with this product. It has a sweet, pleasant lavender scent, which I was happy about. I have enjoyed the lavender fragrance for many years, using different products. The fragrance in this product is not too strong, and I have had no irritations after using. My daughter also tried it, and loves it. We found it to be comforting, relaxing, and soothing. It is gentle to the skin, and refreshing. We both have extremely dry skin from the AZ summer heat, so this product for us is a treasure. After using, you feel totally relaxed and content. We will be using this product in the future, because once you have the pleasant experience, you want to make sure this product is always available in your home to use. Highly recommended!”
Gelardine, Arizona
“These bath salts are wonderful even when they are not part of a pre sleep ritual. They dissolve quickly and have a very pleasant not overpowering scent. I find them rejuvenating after a day of hard exertion but relaxing at the same time. Whether soaking for a long or short time, the effects are definitely rewarding.”
Barbara, New England
“I’ve recently taken up paddling and my muscles have been aching – these bath salts have really helped. I love the lavender scent, I find it very relaxing. I’ve also discovered that if I put about a tablespoon of the salt in my hand and add a little jojoba oil, it makes a great body scrub. It makes my skin tingle and afterwards it seems to glow. What a wonderful product!”
“I’m not a very big bath person but I was really curious about how well the bath salts would work for me. The jar is a pretty decent size however the directions suggested using a cup which is about half of the container, so I only used a few handfuls instead and I think it worked just as well. After only about 15 minutes I was completely relaxed and ready to go to bed (at 5pm). I even let my boyfriend try it because his muscles were aching and he really enjoyed it, though the relaxing factor does wear off after an hour or two his muscles were no where near as tense as they had been. As an added plus it also works great in a foot soak. The scent is really strong while in the jar but it’s really lovely once the salt gets into the water and the smell lasts on your skin for a long time as well. So in short I completely recommend Bath Path’s Lavender salt and I’m definitely going to buy another jar in the future. I look forward to seeing more products from Bath Path.”
Michelle, Georgia
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