The Secret of Transforming Your Bath Tub into a Warming Spa

Premium Bath Salt for Maximum Skin Care

  • increases blood circulation
  • stimulates body’s natural release of toxins
  • kills germs and bacteria on the skin
  • leaves smooth, fresh, and clean skin
  • soothes away stress
  • relaxes sore muscles, aches, and pain
  • has natural lavender smell
  • leaves no tub stains

Natural Product

Our Mineral Sea Salt Soak has been specially formulated for maximum skin care benefits, combining naturally therapeutic ingredients for a soothing, indulgent bathing experience. These beneficial bath salts soothe away stress and bring a sense of peace and relaxation. Helps improve skin’s texture and leaves you feeling spa radiant!

Sea Salts vs Epsom Salts

Epsom salts are just magnesium. Sea salts contains a whole family of essential minerals including magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, chloride and others. Epsom salts can be chemically or synthetically made. Our sea salts come from Mediterranean Sea. They are natural.

Wonderful Gift For Women

This is a wonderful gift for women: mom, wife, girlfriend, daughter, sister, aunt, grandma, new mothers, or valentine. It does not matter whether it is a birthday or Christmas, this is a great present for girls and ladies, elderly women and seniors.

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