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Our bath salts are made of only natural That's right, nothing artificial! ingredients. These are Mediterranean Sea salts with addition of essential oils.


Bath salts have many beneficial qualities. They can help with curing of quite a few disorders Dry skin, psoriasis, acne, just to name a few! and improving overall physical state.


Our bath salts are absolutely safe to use. They can safely be applied externally and even consumed Not that we recommend to do that! internally with no harm!

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The lavender bath salts were so relaxing. I have chronic muscle pain and often find that I’m too sore to make it through most days. One bath with these bath salts and I felt so comfortable and ready to kick back and go to sleep. If you suffer from chronic pain or have trouble getting to sleep, this is the product for you.
This is exactly what I like to see – simple ingredients found in nature. As I went through my cupboard of other bath salts/products, I noticed that most had artificial coloring in them, and some had other ingredients that I haven’t heard of as well. Yuck! When I soak in something for 20 minutes, I want it to be 100% natural.
I look forward to my next bath with these bath salts. I did not put in a cup (must be mix-up in the directions), but more like a tablespoon. I enjoyed the aroma as I settled back and just relaxed. Really nice bath, very relaxing but I felt a bit invigorated when I got out of the tub. If you are a bath connoisseur, you might want to give this one a chance. I’m glad I did.

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